Gag Award Certificates Are the Life of the Party. Birthday parties, retirements, roasts, office parties, April Fool's Day… whenever the occasion calls for a good laugh, joke awards will have them rolling in the isles. Everybody gets a kick out of these hilarious, authentic-looking, and funny awards.

Unique Gag Award Certificates. You'll be in Practical Joke Heaven when you discover the variety of unique gag award certificates you can choose from. You can bestow the title of "World's Worst Co-Worker," "Brown Noser of the Year," or "Most Irritating Boss" just to name a few. Or issue joke awards to your "Oldest Living Employee," "Biggest Underachiever," or "Most Absent-minded Assistant." Regardless of the reason, gag award certificates always make great surprises.

It's So Easy To Create Custom Gag Award Certificates.

Funny awards are not only a great way to keep your crowd in stitches, they are also quick and easy to make. Fully customizable, these joke awards look professional with the recipient's name printed (not hand-written) on the certificates. In less than 5 minutes you can customize and print the gag award certificates you want.

Try out any of the categories below to see certificates that match your interest